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Forte Privacy Policy

Updated on: April 25, 2020

We take your privacy very seriously. That's why we never sell your data to third parties. Your information will never be used to track you, and you can always request that we purge all of your information from our systems.

When we collect information about you, whenever possible, that information never leaves your device, and is collected solely to create a great user experience. However, whenever your information needs to be sent to our servers, it is stored securely. Only you, and other users you specify, can access the information about you.

If you join a teacher's class, your name and email are accessable to the teacher, and your name is visible to the other students in the class. You may remove these other user's access to your information by leaving the class.

Requesting a copy of your personal data

If you'd like to request a copy of the data associated with your account, you may submit a request here.

Deleting your personal data

You may update the name and email address associated with your account at any time through My Account > Edit Account. If you'd like to delete your account permanetly, you may submit a request here.

The information that we receive from 3rd-party sign-in providers

Sign in with Apple is a sign-in provider by Apple. We chose to use Sign in with Apple because of it's privacy features. When you use Sign in with Apple, you can choose what information you provide to us. You may change your name before signing in. You may also choose to either share your full email address with us, or if you'd rather, Apple will generate a private email address that can't be used to identify you and can be deactivated by logging out of the app. You can read more about Sign in with Apple on Apple's website.

If you are using Forté in school, you may be required to sign in with your school-provided Google account. This allows us to verify that you are a member of the school. When you use Sign in with Google, we receive information about you such as your name and school email address.